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September 8, 2007 by Armbut
Hi everybody, I'm making a website for a friend, and when I use Firefox or Safari to open the Splash file, it looks exactly like it is supposed to. BUT, when I use IE, the table renders horribly. Any ideas to fix this? I really want to fix it because even though Firefox is so much better, most people still use IE as their default browser...



February 7, 2007 by Armbut
Okay...I posted a forum post a while back that asked for recommendations and opinions on a possible PC that I was going to get. I knocked that one out of the way and now have my eye on another. I think it is a fairly good deal, I just want a second (or more) opinion. Thanks and here are the specs:

Main Specs:

Processor: Dual Core-AMD Athlon 4200+ (2.2GHz)


Optical Drive: Double-Layer DVD+/-RW

Hard Disk: 320GB Hard Drive (SATA, 7200RPM)

Graphics: nVid...